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To book email me at or send me a message over on Facebook! All readings are one hour long and over video chat or phone, unless noted otherwise!

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Natal Chart Reading:

The basics! Who are you, how do you work, and what are you here for? Tap into it all and more through this reading. The Most Magical reading.


What IS Mars Rx?-7.pngConnecting To Your Purpose:

Your destiny! We all have one, what’s yours and how are you going to fulfill it? In this reading we dive into your North Node to see what you are here to do and your Saturn to see how you will go about doing it!


What IS Mars Rx?-19.pngRelationships and Love:

Soul mate, twin flame, or just karmic relationship? Who are they to you, what are they here to teach you, and how can you best learn their lessons? Or if you are single, what do you need to do to attract the right one, and when you do, how do you know if he’s really the right one?


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Law of Attraction Tune UP:

You know that when you’re trying to manifest something so hard and it’s just not working? That’s because something needs shifting! Want to figure out what and how to do it? This is the reading for you!


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Healing the Shadows:

Feeling wounded, heavy, or hurt? Healing is a process and a lot of times we don’t want to confront what we have hidden to heal, but when we do, we always get through it. If something has been getting you down lately, or you just feel like there is something that you are meant to heal, let this reading guide you through that process in a loving and open way. 


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What in the World Is Going On:

Chaos! You know the feeling. Things are changing, you are feeling all these energies building up, but you just don’t know what they mean! Astrology can help. By looking at your transits we can bring order to the chaos and sense to the madness, even if that just means running with the madness! Something is coming, here is how to roll right with it.  


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Chakras and Past Lives:

The Chakras are the power center of your energies! Having them opening and flowing healthy is super important when it comes to moving through the world. In this guided meditation, we will tap into each Chakra and see what needs work and where the blockages are while balancing them out along the way as well as take a walk into the hall of doors! Connected to the Akashic records, you will be guided lovingly and warmly to view one or two of your past lives that are in some way affecting your present life now. After you are done viewing, we will talk a bit about what you saw and how you can use it for the most healing in your life. Meditation given over phone and lasts from an hour up to an hour and a half.



Or! If there is anything else you may need guidance with, please feel free to reach out! I am here for you!

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All readings are for entertainment purposes only. If you need medical, legal, or psychiatric help please consult a legal professional. You are responsible for any and all choices you make. 

All readings are done with love and compassion. If you aren’t satisfied with your reading, refunds will be given on a case by case basis.