Work With Me

In a work with me session, things start with you booking an appointment and sending me your birth information (birth date, birth time, and birth location). You can leave this information in the comments section when you book, you can email me at, or I will reach out to you when I send you a paypal invoice.

Within twenty four hours of booking, you’ll receive your paypal invoice. This must be returned before the start of your call. After I send you the invoice, I will also touch base with you on any topics you want to cover or any questions you may have. If there’s anything you want to share, feel free to do so.

In the meantime, I will draw up your birth chart and take notes.

Then when your appointment time comes, we will get on the phone and let the natural flow guide us. You are a completely unique person so how I read you will be different from anyone else I read. This is a good thing, this is the you factor, and this will be what directs the reading.

Anything that is jumping out that needs to be addressed, we will talk about. If you have any questions along the way, we’ll go over them, and I’ll check in as we go along. When I read you, you have my complete and undivided love, so there will be no judgement. Just an open space to get to know you.

We’ll talk about the stuff you wanted to talk about originally, the career, the purpose, the love life, the health, whatever it is, and if anything else pops up along the way, we’ll address that too as well as what I discovered when making notes before we began.

As things wrap up, I’ll summarize everything we went through, highlight and make sure you understand and everything sits well with you and you feel confident moving forward. I’ll check in with you one more time, and when you are feeling good about you and your new found insight into who you are, we’ll end the call.

First Time Sessions

For new clients, as a way for me to get to know you and for you to get to know what all astrology has to tell you about you. Sessions run an hour and include a basic run down of your chart.


email me at to book 

Returning Sessions

For returning clients, when you already started the process of getting to know you, but are ready to dive in even deeper. Sessions run an hour.


email me at to book

Three Session Package

For returning or new clients who know the value of turning within and returning within, when you are ready to dive deep, really deep into knowing who you are. Sessions run an hour. The three sessions can be used anytime within the next three months.


email me at to book