Thanks to everyone who has given me the pleasure of reading their chart. It’s truly a blessing! 🙂

“Katie gives in-depth readings that are both informative and therapeutic. It was incredibly easy to open up to her, and I like how she utilized her intuitive abilities to sense my strengths and weaknesses and explain how I can master my chart. I walked away from our reading with a myriad of ideas about how to love myself and grow as a person. Thanks, Katie!”


“Katie is an incredibly intuitive astrologer. I’ve been a client since she first began diving into astrology. A reading with her is an amazing experience. You can walk away better understanding yourself and feeling lighter about the journey ahead. 

I’ve sat in with some of her readings and it is truly incredible the help she has given her clients. I’ve seen transformations in those and in myself. She becomes better and better with every reading. 

If you want to understand your chart, or need a little help on your journey, Katie is who you should talk to.”


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