The Moon

The Moon is who we are when we retreat. It’s our emotions, our core. It’s how we seek nurturance and what we need for emotional security. It can show our home, our family, our mother, and our past.  We live by the Sun, we feel by the Moon. Most of us know our Sun signs, … More The Moon

Sagittarius Suns

Sagittarius find light through experience, where they can learn about the world on a deeper level.  They tend to be happy go lucky, as well as just generally lucky. What they touch expands, so if they have their energy where it needs to be, they’re going to win big. If they have their energy in … More Sagittarius Suns

Scorpio Suns

Scorpios can be intense people. They are deeply passionate, especially in intimate relationships. They can be private, often mysterious, sometimes in a playful way.  They have a deep inner vulnerability, but they don’t really want anyone to see it. They would much rather have you fear them then have you know that they could fear … More Scorpio Suns

Leo Suns

Leos are a force of sunlight and work best when they have people surrounding them and enjoying the light they put off. They are cheerful people who seek happiness out of life. At times they can prideful, but at their core they know that they are invaluable to the world for the light that the … More Leo Suns

Why the cardinal signs are stressed out:

Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn are cardinal signs.  These are the signs that bring in each season.  Cardinal signs are “doing” signs. They like action. Acting.  If the signs aren’t acting in their respective areas they can be prone to stress.  If Aries can’t actively pursue their independence, If Cancer can’t actively feel the energy … More Why the cardinal signs are stressed out: