Meet the Astrologer


My name is Katie Turner and I’m an astrologer in North East Georgia. I am very passionate and open minded, and find that putting love and dedication into my spiritual life brings me the most joy.

I started learning astrology just as a side hobby when I was in school studying Psychology and Sociology, but it quickly became much more than that, and I soon left my very secure path to embark on this new Astrological journey and profession. I loved understanding people and the world around me and I loved helping others see the light in themselves and find the courage to pursue their dreams, and Astrology seemed to be the perfect fit in doing just that.

Since then, I find that I’m always still learning and expanding my practices. I have a great love for researching and understanding, and this has also led me down the path of using Tarot and Oracle Cards as well as Numerology in my work, as it often creates an amazing depth to a read that Astrology alone couldn’t provide. I also incorporate energy work to help my clients reach an ideal balance, one of love, compassion, and ease.

I tend to be a more quiet person, at least until you get to know me, but I always approach everyone I meet with love and care. I seek to understand and help, to bring relief to the stresses that you may find, and this has also allowed me to step into the energy of coaching, so if you want more than just a cool read, that is fine by me, just let me know. I am very gentle, so if you have any questions or concerns, please don’t be afraid to reach out.

With endless love and light,




8 thoughts on “Meet the Astrologer

  1. Wow Katie! I think the Universe sent me here at the right time. I started following you because I’m intrigued about astrology but never really want to own it. I’ve always been interested in it to understand myself as well. I too, am very sensitive, however try to cover it up because we live in a harsh world indeed. I think I accept a lot of people because I break it down into their different signs… and why they react that way. For my self personal, I know a few things about my personal astrology but how did you take control of your sensitivity?


    1. My sensitivity tends to be chaotic. I don’t really know what my boundaries are until someone crosses them, but what I’ve found helps is learning to embrace the sensitivity in the moment so that I can figure out what went wrong. Say someone does something that I react to in a negative manner, I’m gonna use that reaction to let me know that something isn’t right. Either it’s something from my past that’s being triggered and I need to deal with that so it doesn’t carry forward (either by me healing or me asking the other person to respect my boundaries) or the person who made me react has some abusive behavior and they don’t want to change, so it’s time to let them go. Being sensitive is a gift. Yes, you get more sad more often, but you also get more happy more often. If someone isn’t prepared to grow with you and work with your sensitivity, then they may not be the best person to have around. A lot of this can depend on your placements as well. Anything water tends to take things in deeper, especially Neptune/Pisces.

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      1. True, I have understood that many times, but I must say I feeeel it quite alot but I don’t know how to act upon it lol and it just confuses me and brings on a whole challenge in itself. Not sure of what my Neptune is but I am a gemini born June 15th. I guess sooner or later ill figure it out.


      2. I find that gemini’s often struggle to deal with emotional depth, not because they don’t have it but rather because they have an inherent desire to keep things light and happy. My best friends actually a Gemini, may 23, she’s got a Pisces moon so knows all so well about trying to balance in her sensitivities. It’s not easy. If you’re interested, I do chart readings for $20 an hour. If you know your birth time, I can pin point more of where and how to deal with your sensitivity because not every Gemini is the same, and not every Gemini is going to be sensitive about the same things. If you don’t want a reading, that’s cool too. You could still tell me your info and I could probably point you in the right direction of what to learn about on your own.


      3. Oh wow! My cousin and one of my friends are born on May 23rd but I think they are totally different to me. I have done a birth natal chart before I just really didn’t know how to interpret it, so I kinda left it alone lol if I find it would you help me interpret it?


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